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Glitza is a Luxurious Glitter Tattoo Brand
and it makes easy to express your inner artist.
Help Your Child explore their creative side by gifting Glitza.
Experience a unique world of fashion by immersing yourself in the glamorous GLITZA lifestyle.
Let your imagination guide you in the discovery of your identity with a full range of customization for infinite creativity.
With GLITZA be yourself and amaze.!!!
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  • Starter Pack
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    Rs. 713.00
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    Rs. 499.00
  • Glitza 50 Design
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    Rs. 999.00
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    Rs. 699.00
  • Glitza 80 Design
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    Rs. 1,142.00
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    Rs. 799.00
  • Glitza 100 Design
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    Rs. 1,285.00
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    Rs. 899.00
  • Deluxe Pack
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    Rs. 1,570.00
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    Rs. 1,099.00
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