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Why are electric scooters the new bikes?

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If you have grown up in the 70s or 80s, you would remember the manual scooter which you had to ride standing and was your best way to go around the neighborhood and enjoy your freedom. Times changed, and so did these adorable rides. The millennial electric scooters are the most trending things designed for both children and adults. Unlike their earlier versions, you now get an electric scooter with a seat.

Our electric scooters come in various shapes, sizes, and designed for new age children, teenagers, and adults.
Here are a few reasons why these scooters are the newest way of transportation.
• These vehicles run on batteries, making them environment-friendly. Our scooters are powered by lead-acid batteries of 24 volts and 4.5 Ah, which are rechargeable, making them long-lasting.
• With a 120 W in-wheel hub motor and 6 inch tires, and a speed limit of up to 12 Km per hour these vehicles make for an efficient ride.
• Being compact and lightweight, your child can take it through crowded areas, park in small spaces, unlike bigger bikes or other vehicles. They are also safe to be used indoors like in play areas or malls.
• For children especially, it helps them learn riding skills, keeps them active, and make them feel responsible as they go out and explore the world on their own. And for adults, it is a healthy and hassle-free way to move around without burning fuel or your wallet.
• With the advanced mechanism, steering locks, they are safe for children across ages, from toddlers to teenagers. Your child can ride safe and enjoy his/her freedom without any risk.
• These vehicles are highly cost-efficient. The electric scooter price easily beats that of other vehicles like segways, hoverboards, or similar new-age outdoor rides. The parts are easy to replace or repair, saving you on maintenance.
• Because they don’t use fuel like bikes or cars, or high-end bicycles, your teenagers can also use it for their daily commute, saving on the transportation costs.

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Versatile and trendy, they come in various designs, shapes, and styles. You can explore endless options in an electric scooter in India nowadays. Choose from solids to patterns, or even colorful designs, depending on the age and lifestyle of the rider.