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Description  : Our HoverKart is a fun and exciting way to get around town. A slick ride that anyone will simply love. With a little bit of practice, you will be able to drive anywhere in style and no time. This hover kart fits perfectly on any hoverboard that ranges from 6.5”, 8” to 10”.

Frame : The transformational hoverboard inspired hover kart is a self-balancing ride that comes with a solid and sturdy frame. Offering you an easy to control handle grips on each side.

Weight : The max weight it can withstand 220lbs or 100kgs. This may vary from one hoverboard to others.

Speed : The speed range depends on your weight, driving conditions, and weather. However, it mostly ranges from 12mph to 20kph, again depending on the hoverboard.

Specs : This comfortable and easy to ride hover kart can easily be attached on your hoverboard, as it measures approximately 44x19x54cm in size.